Our Main Groups Overview

Circuit and System Theory

The most basic component of the branches is evaluated by members of microwave technology. Groups in the areas of basic concepts and theories related to the topic of electromagnetic activity.

Antennas&Microwave Devices

About issues relating to antenna theory, array antennas, telecommunications and wireless propagation of electromagnetic waves is active, which means that the field is quite tangible.


In the design, simulation and fabrication of devices such as microwave frequency for different standards DCS, WLAN / WiMAX, UWB, etc. Is active. The basic technology components, which Maykrvastryp technology for circuits with active and passive circuits are used for.

Digital Communications

Digital Telecommunications Group in the field of digital telecommunications concepts such as modulation and discrete signal processing is active. Image processing, information theory and coding as well as other topics are discussed in this field.

Numerical Electromagnetic

Department of electromagnetic numerical methods in the analysis of electromagnetic problems using numerical methods based linear algebra concepts explored. A recent analysis of electromagnetic structures based on these methods has improved tremendously.


Bioelectromagnetics Group issues related to living tissue reaction in dealing with electromagnetic waves is analyzed. Energy penetration in biological structures using electromagnetic fields in data structures, environmental issues d two main axes of research in this.